Shared enthusiasm: Some voices of the Waag team

Sepp Wimmer
«I am fascinated by my work and by the challenge of recognizing the unspoken wishes of my guests and meeting their expectations.»

Sepp Wimmer, Zunfthaus host

For Sepp Wimmer the Zunfthaus zur Waag is more than a workplace. He has devoted himself to managing the business since 2004 and continues to do so with unchanging enthusiasm and an unerring instinct for the desires and wellbeing of his guests. He has great respect for the cultural heritage of the Zunfthaus and manages it with great dedication, inner passion and Austrian charm.

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Sandra Wimmer
«My husband and I complement each other perfectly. I enjoy translating his charming hospitality into numbers and hosting the accounts.»

Sandra Wimmer, Administration

Since 2004 Sandra Wimmer has worked with her husband part-time and is responsible for the human resources, marketing and accounting tasks at the Zunfthaus zur Waag. These include, for example, end-of-month accounts,  employees salaries, social media and maintaining the website.

Sandra Degiacomi
''What I appreciate about my job is the contact with people, the versatility and the daily new challenges in order to fulfil the wishes of our guests.''

Sandra Degiacomi, Event Manager

After completing her Matura, Sandra Degiacomi from St. Moritz has graduated the hotel management school in Lucerne as Dipl. Hotelière-Restauratrice HF/SHL. After first experiences in her home country and an internship in Hong Kong, the likeable Grisonian moved to Zurich to the Münsterhof. The close contact with guests and the variety of events spurs her on every day. With her cheerful and organised nature and great professional competence, she is always ready to help our guests with advice and assistance when booking events.

Ines Sägling
No pleasure is temporary, for the impression it leaves is lasting. -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe-

Ines Sägling, Event coordinator

After her apprenticeship as a restaurant manageress in Germany, Ines Sägling graduated from the Hotel Management School Lucerne with a Dipl. Hotelière-Restauratrice HF/SHL. She has been working in banquet administration and event coordination for many years.  Since June 2021, the sympathetic mother of two sons is a great asset to our event coordination with her organized and expeditious manner.

Alain Koenig
«What I especially like at the Zunfthaus zur Waag is the diversity of the challenges and the chance to meet a very wide range of demands.»

Alain Koenig, master chef de cuisine

In the kitchen, Alain Koenig from Alsace is responsible for culinary flights of fancy. With great zeal, he has managed his team successfully since 2009 and focused on the demanding task of delighting his guests over and over again. His fine sliced veal zurich-style is famous far beyond the city limits.

Wojciech Grzejszczyk
«My work is very varied, every day is different. I love desserts and what I like best is making our tarte-tatin.»

Wojciech Grzejszczyk, Chef Patissier

For Wolle, as we call him, from Germany, there's no dessert he cannot make. He conjures up creations for our restaurant and banquet guests since 2010 with great enthusiasm and tremendous professional expertise. His chocolate mousse based on an old recipe from a former guild member is legendary.

Patrick Blawah
«My job is different every day and I appreciate the flexible working hours. It makes me feel good when people are happy with my work.»

Patrick Blawah, Allrounder

Patrick Blawah from Liberia has been our trusted man about the house since 2008. He is never tired and always smiling as he carries chairs and banqueting tables from one place to another, carefully sets out the festive tables in the banqueting rooms, deals with any technical issues and is always there when you need him.