Let the master of the guild speak.

Ever since the Zunfthaus zur Waag was bought by the linen weavers in 1385 it has been a tavern. A place where people have come and gone, met each other, taken food and drink together, and discussed politics, economics and social issues. It was the place of assembly for the linen weavers and, from 1440, for the wool weavers of the city as well. Today, every day, people are doing just the same (not just the members of the Waag-Guild): they eat and drink together, chat and discuss. It is an inspiring place to be, then as now. A place that offers quality and that has housed many people and events. It has been an important place for the city itself and far beyond its borders. In 1916 the first Dada-Soirée was held at the Waag, statesmen (and stateswomen) came and went as well as intellectuals, artists and societies of all sorts.

The Waag is still characterized by its exceptional hospitality. These premises offer the backdrop but the tradition remains that the ambiance is the responsibility of the "Zunftwirt" (Guild restaurateur). Sepp Wimmer is a host who is highly conscious of tradition and has the experience that our guests are looking for in such a beautiful building.

You are warmly welcome to a house that combines past and present, culinary delights and ambiance in such a way that, occasionally, you may sense the presence of the wool and linen weavers coming and going about their business as they did in times past.

Philippe Oswald Welti, Master of the Waag-Guild


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