Hospitality in the heart of Zurich: Zunfthaus zur Waag.

A warm welcome to the Münsterhof (pedestrian zone) - a beautiful historic town square and the jewel of the Zurich city center. One great place to wine and dine and celebrate in the stylish atmosphere of the old city is the Zunfthaus zur Waag, directly facing the Fraumünster Church with its famous Chagall windows. Discover an authentic piece of Zurich's history for yourself and take delight in our hospitality given to you in a house dating from 1315 and steeped in history.


Change of host at Zunfthaus zur Waag

Since 2004, Sepp Wimmer has successfully managed the Zunfthaus zur Waag.
On January 1, 2023, Sandra and Sepp Wimmer will hand over the lease to Fabian Reinhardt after 19 successful years as hosts at the traditional restaurant at the Münsterhof in Zurich's Old Town.

On January 1, 2023, Fabian Reinhardt will take over as the new mangager of the Zunfthaus zur Waag at the Münsterhof in downtown Zurich. He replaces Sepp Wimmer, who is handing over his business after 19 successful years as host and guild landlord, ensuring a smooth transition. The house belongs to the Zunft zur Waag. Guild Master Philippe Oswald Welti is convinced of this succession solution: "The 29-year-old restaurateur brings with him all the prerequisites for a successful continuation of the business. We thank Sepp Wimmer very much for making our house a first address of traditional gastronomy in Zurich."

19 years as a successful, charismatic and well-connected host  

Sepp Wimmer is an exceptional restaurateur. Since 2004, he has left his mark on the Zunfthaus like no other with his hospitality and his high qualitative standards in service, cuisine and cellar. With the many stories he knew how to tell, he was an ambassador for the city and an entertainer at events in his own house. Since 2004, Sepp Wimmer has left his mark on the hospitality at the Zunfthaus zur Waag. Now he has decided to take a shorter break. To ensure a smooth transition, Sepp Wimmer will continue to be available to his successor as needed. Fabian Reinhardt has known Sepp Wimmer for some time. He says: "Sepp Wimmer's experience in running the house and his flair as a host and networker have shaped everything in and around the Zunfthaus. It's important to carry these advantages into the future."

Young tradition takes over

Fabian Reinhardt learned the restaurant business from the ground up. After graduating from high school in Zurich, attending the Swiss Hotel Management School in Lucerne, studying business administration on the job and training as a sommelier, he gained experience in outstanding establishments, including the Beau-Rivage Palace Lausanne, Seedamm Plaza Pfäffikon and Shangri-La The Shard in London. Since 2018, he has been restaurant manager at Romantik Seehotel Sonne in Küsnacht.

"In Fabian Reinhardt, I have found a successor who, with his understanding of the tradition of the house, his strong roots in and around Zurich, and his professionalism, is an ideal fit as a host at the Waag," says Sepp Wimmer. Fabian Reinhardt also wants to continue his passion for creating gastronomic experiences for guests in the existing concept. Nevertheless, his personal signature will come to the fore in details. "The house has built up a great reputation over the years - I feel committed to this and would like to build on it," adds Reinhardt. "The challenges in the restaurant business are many, especially in this day and age. I approach this task as an entrepreneur with a lot of anticipation, but also respect."

The Zunfthaus zur Waag will close between Dec. 24, 2022, and Jan. 6, 2023, due to the change in management. Re-opening under new management will be on January 7, 2023.

Advent at the Zunfthaus zur Waag

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